The place for info on MG Rover production data from the MGF to the last cars built in 2005

MG Rover Build Data​

The MG Rover build data we have goes from 1999 up to the collapse of MG Rover in 2005. It covers some 250,000 vehicles and you can get interesting information regarding your vehicle from the data, such as when it rolled off the line, what market it was built for (was it re-imported before you bought it?)
Of interest to owners of Monogram cars will be the ability to browse information of how many cars of each colour were made, again broken down by model. So you can find out if that Dark Fantasy ZS 180 you have is literally one of a kind!

Please note however, unless you are a supporter of, you will not be able to get any information about your car from this site, all the data we'll be providing access to will be of a general nature and not specific to any individual car.

If you are a supporter of or a member of the Monogram Appreciation Group on facebook, you can enter your VIN and get all sorts of nerdy information on your car, such as the date it rolled off the production line and where it stands in the production run of the model & how common the paint is (amongst others). 

You can view Monogram Production Statistics, including breakdowns per Model & Derivative! Have you always wanted to know how many MG ZR 115+ have been produced in Bittersweet - now you can find out. 

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